Dental Tip Tuesday-Five tips you probably haven’t heard from a dentist before

Five Tips you probably haven’t heard from a dentist before
Tips from Plumb Dental – Dr. Scott Ellis

1. How can you get your children to brush better? Show your children online pictures of rampant dental caries. This is a big deterrent for them eating loads of treats and a great incentive for convincing them to brush.

2. Have you ever wondered why some siblings get cavities while some of their brothers and sisters do not?
There are tests that can be done in our office to find out why. There are also a number of easy and inexpensive ways we can help you to resolve the problems.

3. Do you share silverware with your children? Think twice about sharing spoons with your children. Cavity causing Bacteria from a parent’s mouth can spread to his/her child’s mouth.

4. Did you know that Saint George does not have fluoride in the water? Here Children should be on fluoride supplements starting at age 6 months until 16 years. These are the years that their adult teeth are developing. Their teeth will be strengthened and more resistant to cavities with the addition of fluoride. We can help prescribe the correct form and amount of fluoride for your children at any age.

5. More than 25 percent of 2- to 5-year-olds are found to have one or more cavities, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Parents should bring their children into the dentist by one year of age. We check the development of their teeth, help them feel comfortable in the dental office environment, and help parents know how to best care for their child’s oral health.
Also, parents should continually inspect their child’s teeth after brushing. We can give you direction on what to look for. Parents should help their kids brush their teeth adequately as old as eight years of age.