Important news for patients who pre-med

In January 2015, the American Dental Association announced a major change in the use of pre-med antibiotics prior to dental procedures in patients with prosthetic joints. The bottom line is that few, if any patients with artificial joints now need pre-med antibiotics!

In 2012, a panel of experts with ties to both the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons completed a systematic review of literature ad research and then published an evidence based list of guidelines which give patient more input into decision to use antibiotic pre-medication and refuted the prior notion for almost universal pre-medication.

In 2014, the panel reconvened and the ultimate result of the panel’s effort was to determine that there is no association between dental procedures and the occurrence of prosthetic joint infection.

Factors also considered in the recommendation included:

1. Antibiotic resistance due to overdose of these drugs

2. Adverse drug reactions

3. Cost

The ultimate conclusion of the study was that evidence facts to demonstrate a connection between dental procedures and artificial joint infections and further demonstrates that there is not any proven effectiveness to pre-med antibiotics. This evidence, combined with the potential harm from unnecessary antibiotic uses, precludes the use of antibiotics before dental procedures in patients with artificial joints.

IF you have any questions concerning your need for pre-med antibiotics and the changes made, please check with us at Plumb Dental or your orthopedic surgeon.