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Children’s Dentist

Children’s Dentist

Children’s Dental is More Than Just Looking at Teeth

If you are a parent living in St. George, Utah, then finding a knowledgeable children’s dentist is essential for your family. This specialized type of dentistry is designed to treat kids instead of adults by using small instruments and chairs to help them feel more comfortable. It is good idea to begin taking a child for an examination as soon as their first teeth begin to appear inside their mouth to determine if there are any congenital or developmental problems in the oral cavity or facial area.

A children’s dentist understands how to welcome infants and toddlers to minimize fear and temper tantrums. In most cases, toddlers and infants do not require any type of procedures, but a hygienist might offer tips about better nutrition or brushing and flossing primary teeth.

What Can You Expect at Plumb Dental during Appointments?

We recommend regular visits once the child turns 18 months. These first visits are called “happy visits” and are complimentary. Happy visits are critical in helping your child become comfortable at the dentist. Cleanings will begin around 3 years of age.

When your kids are three years old, the hygienist will begin to remove plaque that develops on teeth along the gum tissue. A hygienist uses gentle motions to scrape away the hardened debris from food and beverages that can lead to infections in gum tissue or teeth roots. Your child receives a thorough examination that includes:

  • Inspecting the mouth’s palate
  • Looking at the tongue
  • Checking a child’s bite
  • Seeing how the jawbone opens and closes
  • Making sure there is no inflammation
  • Checking for small cavities

As a parent, it may be possible to sit in the examination chair while holding an infant and toddler to keep the child comfortable as Dr. Plumb looks at oral tissues. This process is a helpful way to allay a child’s fears at a young age to prepare them for a more extensive examination as they get older. For many toddlers, the examination room is interesting because it has numerous pieces of equipment and tools. Your child will probably think it is fun to look at X-rays of their own teeth or facial bones, and a skilled hygienist can make examinations interesting rather than routine.

Learning about Oral Health

Young children seldom have serious problems, but having an examination from a children’s dentist twice a year helps to prevent fears about having a treatment if one is needed. The office staff makes the visit fun by giving each child a new toothbrush and dental floss. A hygienist might show a parent and child a better way to brush or floss their teeth to ensure all debris is removed to prevent cavities, gingivitis and halitosis. In addition, parents are shown how to clean their infant’s or toddler’s mouth and teeth with a soft cloth to prevent tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Kids Develop Good Dental Habits Early

A child who has examinations of their teeth and gums is more likely to have healthy oral tissues throughout a lifetime because they learn good habits at a young age. Parents also learn valuable information such as not giving an infant a bottle filled with juice or milk while sleeping to prevent caries and gingivitis. In addition, parents learn about the dangers of giving an older child a pacifier or permitting thumb-sucking because it can cause teeth to shift into incorrect positions inside their mouths.

Pediatric Dental Preventative Treatments

Parents should continue to bring their kids to a pediatric dentist throughout their childhood and adolescent years to provide routine cleanings and preventative treatments. Depending on the condition of your child’s teeth, they might require sealants or fluoride rinses to protect the enamel on their teeth. When a child begins to engage in sports, a parent should request a customized guard for their child’s mouth to protect teeth and gums from injuries.

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