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Everyone wants to be able to smile with confidence but maintaining a bright and healthy smile is no easy task. Recent studies show that nearly every patient will lose at least one adult tooth in their lifetime due to trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. For patients that have lost one or more teeth, dentures are an excellent option to restore the form and function of their smile. For those who have lost their teeth due to injury, decay, or gum disease, dentures can help many day-to-day functions such as eating and speaking. They can also restore your self-confidence and appearance!

Tooth Loss

Some patients make the mistake of believing that tooth loss is purely a cosmetic issue. While gaps in one’s teeth will change the appearance of their smile, it can also lead to a variety of additional medical issues. After one or more teeth have been lost, the remaining teeth will begin to move inwards because they no longer have support. When this takes place, patients will often experience a variety of issues including damage to their teeth, gums, and jaws. Dentures will allow patients to once again speak, eat, and smile with confidence.

The Initial Consultation

When carrying out any comprehensive treatment, it is important for the dentist to get a good idea about the patient’s oral health and medical history. Patients that are struggling with any other common problems such as gum disease may need to have that condition treated first. This is why the initial consultation will begin with a comprehensive checkup. Dentures can be made in about 6-12 weeks. Using the mouth as a model, the dentist will take an accurate impression and send it to a dental laboratory. This model is then sent off to a laboratory where the first set of dentures will be created.At your next visit, he will help you select the shape and color of the denture teeth and gums.During later visits, the dentist will adjust your bite, test your speech and check the appearance and functionality of the denture teeth and gums. After a fit and appearance is achieved, the denture will be sent back to the lab for fabrication.

The Perfect Fit

The process of replacing missing teeth with partial or full dentures will take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. This length of time is necessary as minor changes will need to be made for the best possible fit. Once the first set of dentures has been made, the patient will then have a second appointment in which they will be shown how to wear their dentures and the proper way to care for them. Much like natural teeth, taking care of dentures will require some daily tasks such as rinsing them off and using specialty hygiene products. Dentures may need to be adjusted regularly as the patient’s mouth continues to change. Adjustments can be a process, but soon you will be comfortable and happy with your new smile.

Types of Dentures

Here is a closer look at these dental appliances and why they have become one of the best treatments to replace missing teeth. Depending on the amount of teeth that are lost, patients will either require full dentures or partial dentures. Much like their name implies, full dentures are actually a full set of false teeth that are used when the majority of the natural teeth have fallen out or become so damaged that they must be removed. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are a dental appliance that will replace only a few missing teeth. These dentures are also referred to as bridges because they “bridge” the gap between the natural teeth.

There are a number of different methods that can be used to fit the dentures in a patient’s mouth. One long-term option is to attach the dentures to dental implants. Dental implants are metal alloy rods that are implanted into the jaw. Once in place, the bone will form a powerful bond with the posts in a process known as osseointegration. After the mouth has healed, the dentures will then be attached to those posts. While the implants themselves will last a lifetime with the proper care, the dentures may need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Restoring Your Smile

No patient should ever feel as if they are out of choices when it comes to restoring their smile. Full and partial dentures are just two of the most popular restorative treatments, but patients have more options than ever to recreate the smile and replace missing teeth.

Ask your dentist about denture options such as immediate, temporary, or partial dentures. Remember to keep your dentures clean!

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