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Many of our St George dental patients present with various concerns regarding the appearance of their teeth. Some may be unhappy with uneven spacing, differing lengths, discoloration, crooked teeth or even broken teeth due to accidents in adolescence or adulthood. Whatever the reason, the patient oftentimes experiences embarrassment and poor self-confidence due to their dental issues and finds it hard to smile or communicate openly with others. Some may also experience difficulty biting into or even chewing their food which presents further internal issues.

There is help available to these patients which can correct these issues and produce a natural alignment of the teeth resulting in a bright and healthy smile. Veneers have been available since the early ’80s and have been recommended by dentists as a cost effective restorative measure.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are manufactured coverings which encase the facial area of the teeth when applied with a bonding agent. Traditionally, veneers have been comprised of porcelain. Since this material can be somewhat heavy as well as fragile, these types of veneers may prove to be problematic. From the application to daily wear, issues may arise in which the patients are less than satisfied with this option.

  • Since the thickness of these veneers can be 1mm, they are opaque, leaving little adjustment for shade matching and can often stand out against the natural shading of surrounding teeth.
  • Because of the veneer’s thickness, the dental professional has no choice but to grind away the tooth’s enamel, exposing the dentin, in order to compensate and allow the veneer to sit flush with adjacent teeth. Due to the invasiveness of this process, the patient may experience pain and more than likely will require anesthesia or sedation. The patient is advised that sensitivity will likely last for a few days afterward. However, since enamel does not grow back, this is a permanent injury to the tooth which could result in long-lasting sensitivity.
  • After the initial casting, followed by the application visit, the patient is scheduled to return again to the dental office in one to two weeks for a follow-up inspection of the veneers. Requiring multiple visits to the dental professional’s office, this process can be time consuming.
  • This type of veneer typically lasts 5 to 10 years. They provide a permanent measure with short-lived durability.
  • This veneer option is irreversible and it is important to remember that cracking or even spontaneous casting off while eating may occur, resulting in repairs or even new replacements multiple times.

Lumineers Are an Alternative to Porcelain Veneers

Luckily there is an alternative. Lumineers are extremely thin, nearly translucent veneers comprised of a patented material known as Cerinate. Cerinate combines a specially mixed formula of ceramic and leucite, producing a veneer of unmatched strength and durability.

  • With only 0.2mm thickness, they can easily be matched to the patient’s desired shade providing a seamless, virtually undetectable result.
  • Due to the ultra-thin surface, this option requires no drilling or filing away of the tooth’s surface resulting in a pain-free and quick application with no necessary anesthesia or adjustment period.
  • Requiring just two visits to the dental office, this option is much more time efficient. Initially, the dentist takes a cast of the teeth and sends it to the dental lab. All aspects of the fabrication are performed by highly skilled technicians working together to create the most aesthetically pleasing veneers for the patient.
  • In the final visit, the veneers are bonded in place without the need for preparation of the teeth’s surfaces.

What is the Durability of Lumineers?

Designed to last decades without maintenance, regular cleaning visits are still recommended. Because of their strength, patients may continue to eat normally without the worry of dislodging the veneer. This option is intended to be a permanent solution; however, the method is reversible if so desired. You can feel confident again and put your best face forward with a bright and healthy smile. Contact our St. George dental practice today and find out how Lumineers can transform your life.

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