St. George Marathon- A Plumb Dental Tradition

It’s been a long standing tradition for the team at Plumb Dental to cheer on the runners at the marathon each October. We get there early, line the street with ice buckets, wash cloths, signs, and cheer on each runner as we hand them a nice refreshing cold wash cloth.

The runners tell us:

“I love you!”

“This is my favorite part of the marathon!”


It’s so rewarding for us to be there to do a small part to show support to those dedicated runners.

This year, we had one of our own running, and we were beyond excited to cheer her on. Bronwyn, we are proud of you girl! You rocked that marathon! To each of you that ran, we applaud you. It takes time, dedication, and a whole lot of drive to run, thank YOU for allowing us to serve you. We love to be a part of the St. George community.

Oct 4, 2014


Oct 4, 20141