What goes with National Lipstick Day? White Teeth of Course!

Teeth whitening


Our office offers three different types of teeth whitening methods. There is a method for everyone!
The first and easiest is using custom whitening trays and gel. This type of whitening has really improved over the years. You used to wear the trays and gel overnight and that caused a lot of sensitivity. Now the time is down to 5-10 minutes at a time! A lot more comfortable with less sensitivity! This type of whitening is good for younger patients or someone who hasn’t accumulated a lot of staining.
The second system we offer is an in-office whitening. This is a good choice for someone who wants to whiten before a wedding or reunion. You spend two hours with us while we use strong whitening gel to achieve a more immediate result. Not every patient lightens the same so take home whitening trays are included to allow you to continue whitening at home.
The third system we offer is KoR Deep Bleaching. We recommend this system to patients with very dark teeth, older teeth, or deeply stained teeth. KoR is a three step process that involves two weeks of at-home whitening and an in-office whitening visit. This system gets that best results and you only have to maintain it once a month!
All of these treatments will cause some sensitivity but it goes away when you are finished with the treatment.
Happy National Lipstick Day!