Floss the teeth you want to keep!

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Mayo Clinic: Oral Irrigators should not replace brushing, flossing.

“Healthy Lifestyle” blog considers whether flossing or an oral irrigator is more effective for cleaning “the tight spaces between the teeth.” Although oral irrigators can be effective in removing food particles from teeth, Mayo Clinic advises, “If plain dental floss gets stuck in your teeth, use the waxed variety. If you have a hard time handling dental floss, try a floss holder.”

At Plumb Dental we are happy when you do anything to clean between your teeth! You only floss the teeth you want to keep! However, it is not always the easiest task especially if there are any dexterity issues. One of the best floss-aids is Glide Pro-healthy Clinical Protection floss picks. These picks have the perfect handle and curve to make flossing one-handed + super easy! No move cutting the circulation off your finger tips.

Another simple and effective product are the Sunstar G. U. M. soft picks. These are another inter-proximal (in between the teeth) cleaner that you can use one-handed. They come in several sizes so if you have more narrow spaces or a big canyon between your teeth you can find something that will work for you.

The most important thing is to find a produce you like, that is simple to use and convenient. If you still the plaque bacteria up every 24 hours you lessen the chance of any damage happening to your teeth or your gums.

Happy Cleaning!