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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Dentistry has taken advantage of lasers since 1994 to help treat several different dental problems. Thanks to laser dentistry, procedures are more accurate, less invasive, and less painful. Our office in St. George, Utah uses the technology to treat conditions like:

  • Teeth cleaning: The rays can prepare enamel for a filling and remove the decay from the tooth, effectively performing a teeth cleaning.
  • Preparing for gum surgery: The rays can reshape the gum and eliminate bacteria when undergoing gum surgery or a root canal.
  • Removing a lesion: A ray can remove small bits of tissue for a biopsy such that it can be checked for cancer. They’re also capable of relieving canker sore pain and taking lesions out.
  • Whitening teeth: While other methods exist to whiten teeth, a ray can be used to help expedite the process. First, a solution is applied to the teeth, which is then activated upon using the energy ray to expedite whitening.
  • Cavity detection: Low-intensity rays can examine the hard tissue and detect cavities before they occur by reading what byproducts are being produced by the decay.
  • Preparation for dental fillings: Rays can bypass the need to inject anesthetic and use a drill; the bacteria can be killed within the cavity, which can help improve restoration in the long run.
  • Sensitivity: Using rays can allow the sealing of tubules where roots are exposed, which are the culprit for sensitivity to hot or cold food.

Benefits of Using Laser Rays

Some of the benefits of using a ray for dental procedures include:

  • Being able to avoid using stitches
  • Some procedures do not require any anesthesia
  • Minimal bleeding thanks to increase clotting performance
  • Minimal infections due to sterilization from the pulse of energy
  • Minimal damage to outside tissue
  • Faster heal time that allows the tissues to regenerate
  • Rays can alter the tissue of the gums and help expose better structure for the teeth. This allows for a stronger foundation on which to place new restorations.
  • Because of their capabilities at reshaping gums, rays can expose the structure of the teeth to improve an otherwise gummy smile.
  • Rays can painlessly remove folds that often occur as a result of poorly-fitting dentures
  • Using rays is a safer way to observe the inside of gums and teeth in real time.
  • They can also be used to painlessly remove a benign tumor in the mouth without using stitches.
  • Similarly, a low-intensity ray could take away the pain that is commonly caused by a cold sore.

Are Lasers Safe to Use?

As long as the laser ray is always used according to the practices that are accepted by the practitioner, then the instrument is just as safe as any other in the office. In the same way that you might wear sunglasses to prevent too much exposure from the sun, you’ll need to don a pair of special glasses during the procedure so your eyes are protected from the ray. With a precise hand and the power of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, you can rest assured that our staff can provide you with treatment that is easier and less painful.

How Do I Know if This Treatment Option is for Me?

The only way you’ll know for sure is to ask your dentist for recommendations. As useful as this method of treatment may be, it is not always the most useful tool to get the job done. You’ll need to ask your dentist for more information.

At Plumb Dental, we use the latest technology to emit beams of light for dental treatments. When using laser dentistry technology, you’ll experience less pain, less bleeding and less chance of swelling. Laser dentistry is a great option for many procedures, and our technicians have all been trained to use the instrument with precision and care.

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